High Quality videos built by industry experts with theory and demonstration of features and tasks of the NetSuite Learn at your Convenience. You get pre-defined recordings from the Trainer. Live Presentation of theory and demonstration of features and tasks of the NetSuite Learn as per a daily schedule.

You get recordings of each training session that you attend. Clarify doubts at the beginning of each training session. Delivered through Goto Meeting. Get Pricing.

Fixed Course Content. Certification Guidance Provided. No recordings available, however you can choose self-paced video if needed.

netsuite essentials pdf

Doubts Clarifications. Delivered through F2F as trainer conducts the training at your facility. NetSuite is the rapidly growing financial management cloud solutions that are a business technology supplier based in California, in San Mateo.

It includes enterprise resource planning ERPand products, financial management, e-commerce management, and Customer relationship management. It is the only on-demand CRM program providing a true degree of your client views.

Thus, the NetSuite certified professionals are having massive demand with several opportunities in all major industries. The basic idea about local and consolidated reporting requirements is an added advantage. The tutor will take care of handling the projects. We will provide two real-time projects with a highly-skilled guide who can assist you throughout the project. Have questions? Get the details on how you can grow in this course.

See if this course is a fit for you by joining us for an online info session.

NetSuite Essentials

Home NetSuite Training. NetSuite Training 4. NetSuite Course Overview. Tekslate Netsuite Functional Training Course is designed by the top industry experts as per the latest industry requirements. By the end of Netsuite training, You will gain real-time experiences by working on two projects under the guidance of a certified trainer.

NetSuite Course Curriculum. NetSuite Introduction. Account Administration. NetSuite Basics. Marketing, Sales Force Automation, and Partners.The process was well managed, and the results have been fantastic. Classify items by value and velocity to continually focus your attention, and working capital, on the items that contribute most to your bottom line.

netsuite essentials pdf

Computer-generated forecasts take the drudge work out daily operations. Augment these with market intelligence from your sales team for optimal forecasts.

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Automatic inventory data collection and processing gives you ideal order recommendations with one click. Order the correct raw materials, at the right time and in the right quantities, to fulfill the forecast demand on the finished good items. Orders at the central warehouse cover direct sales from the central warehouse and rolled-up demand from all sub-locations. Get Started. Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe. Place orders quicker Save time on planning, forecasting and ordering. Minimize stock-outs Retain your customers and increase your sales.

Reduce excess stock Release cash that is tied up in excess inventory. Better inventory visibility, including early warning of items needing attention. Minimize stockouts and increase sales. See this feature in action with a free demo. Start Optimizing Start benefiting from optimal levels and purchase orders within a few days of installation.

Course Schedule

Request a Free Demo.CPE credits are available for NetSuite courses. Check out our CPE list for details. Course Catalog. Services SuiteTraining Course Catalog. Sales Chat How is your business adapting to change? Start chat.

Setting Up and Configuring. NetSuite Essentials.

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Course Schedule. NetSuite OpenAir Essentials. Managing and Maintaining. NetSuite: Administrator Fundamentals. Accounting and Finance. NetSuite: Financial Management. Advanced Revenue Management Essentials. NetSuite Planning and Budgeting Essentials. Using Accounts Payable AP. Using Accounts Receivable AR.

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Using General Ledger GL. Managing Items and Inventory. Inventory Item Costing. Marketing and Sales Automation. Sales Force Automation: Fundamentals. Marketing Automation Workshop.NetSuite Essentials is the first course Administrators and anyone responsible for setting up NetSuite should take to best ensure your success. By understanding core NetSuite capabilities, how standard ERP and CRM business processes work in NetSuite, and implementation best practices, you can more accurately map your business requirements to the application and work with your implementation team to set up NetSuite for your company.

View the Course Data Sheet. View the Course Schedule. CPE credits are available for NetSuite courses. Check out our CPE list for details.

Course Catalog

NetSuite Essentials. Services Training NetSuite Essentials. Course Objective NetSuite Essentials is the first course Administrators and anyone responsible for setting up NetSuite should take to best ensure your success.

This course is right for you if you Are responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of the NetSuite Application for your company Are responsible for implementing a NetSuite OneWorld account for subsidiaries or entities with local and consolidated reporting requirements Key Tasks Taught: How do I Sales Chat Interested in growing your business with NetSuite? Start chat.This article is targeted at people who have never written code before.

In order to write SuiteScript, we need to learn some programming. There are thousands of different programming languages, each with its own syntax that determines the format and vocabulary of our statements. Specifically with SuiteScript, we will be writing in the JavaScript language. Open up any text editor. This statement declares a variable named message and assigns it a text value.

netsuite essentials pdf

This will actually be the text of the message we want to display to the user. Feel free to replace my name with yours. We indicate that we are declaring a variable by stating the var at the beginning of the statement, then we give our variable a name. This name can be just about anything we want, with a few rules and exceptions. Usually the name will give us some indication of what data will be stored in our variable.

We can use this name later to easily reference the same piece of data without having to recreate the actual data. Text values, like our message here, are indicated by the double quotes and are called Strings. Everything between the double quotes will be the text of our message when it gets displayed.

While we use variables to define data, we use functions to group statements together to define repeatable behaviour. Functions can receive data as inputs and also return data as outputs. In this statement, alert is a function that receives our message variable as input.

NetSuite Essentials 1 Introduction

Some functions are defined for us by the JavaScript language, as is the case with this alert function. Some are defined and given to us by NetSuite, and we can also write our own custom functions.

The alert function defines the behaviour of popping up a message in the browser. There are still a few more things we need to add so that NetSuite knows how to read and execute our script. The first thing we need to do is wrap our message and alert behaviour into our own function.

This will give our message display behaviour a name that we can then tell NetSuite about.PDF for offline viewing. Cloud Get Started Books. NetSuite Basics Guide. This guide provides comprehensive advice on completing tasks common to most NetSuite users, irrespective of role. It includes information about getting help, navigating NetSuite, logging in, setting personal preferences, and exporting reports and searches. Also covered are working with records, transactions, lists, your calendar, and your activities.

Download As Advanced Employee Permissions. Provides setup and usage information on the Advanced Employee Permissions feature, which gives administrators more flexibility and control over the availability of fields and sublists on the employee record. Includes prerequisites before enabling the Advanced Employee Permissions feature, setting up and creating custom Advanced Employee Permissions. Advanced Manufacturing User Guide.

Advanced manufacturing enables manufacturers to define work instructions, associate material usage, compare resource supply with demand and establish planned start and end times. Advanced Revenue Management.

This guide provides setup and use information for the Advanced Revenue Management feature, which enables the recognition of revenue independently from billing customers and receiving payments. Topic covered include setup, transition from classic revenue recognition, roles and permissions, revenue recognition rules, item configuration, revenue arrangement management, revenue recognition plans, revenue allocation, month-end revenue processing, and reports.

The Revenue Recognition Approval Workflow, which adds an approval workflow to advanced revenue management, is also covered in this guide. Affordable Care Act Guide. Topics covered include: pre-filing and filing, updating employee records for ACA, assigning plan coverage to an employee, assigning covered individuals to an employee, safe harbor codes, exclusions and viewing ACA filing histories.

Amortization Guide. This guide provides setup and use information for the Amortization feature, which manages expense recognition. Topics include: amortization templates, schedules, journal entries, and reports.

Auto Close Back Orders.

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The SuiteApp also enables you to maintain a list of items to exclude from automatic closure of back orders. BRHub This document describes the items that were released in BRHub's version BRHub Reporting This document describes the items that were released in BRHub Reporting's version Banking Guide. Topics covered include, deposits, checking, petty cash, transfers, company credit cards, statement imports, reconciliation and matching and online banking. Brazilian Hub Data Export — Alterdata.

Commerce Merchandising User Guide. Copy to Account Guide. Copy to Account is an administrator tool that can copy a custom record custom object from one account to another. From the NetSuite application, you can select a target account, choose dependencies, select to include record instances, then preview and deploy the custom record. This guide provides setup and usage information. Country Specific Features Guide. Provides an overview and setup instructions for features specific to some countries.

These features help your company adapt to practices and comply with regulations or requirements in the countries that you are operating in. Dashboards Guide. This guide provides information on setting up and personalizing your NetSuite dashboard.Toggle navigation 1PDF. NetSuite Essentials. Download PDF.

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The information included in this document is confidential and proprietary information of NetSuite Inc. The courseware follows a recommended methodology when implementing the NetSuite application. These exercises correspond with the Essentials sections and related modules. Duplication is prohibited Page 1 The course exercises simulate tasks that you, as the Administrator, need to perform for your NetSuite implementation.

Considerations and best practices, discussed in the presentations, are applied and seen in action during the hands-on exercises. Tasks are performed in the OneWorld type of NetSuite test account. It may or may not have the same functionality of your production account. Important: The exercises in the course are incremental, meaning the build upon one another.

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Duplication is prohibited Page 4 Activity: Class Introductions This is your chance to meet your classmates. Can I tailor NetSuite to better meet our needs without having technical expertise?

What are the customization options in NetSuite? Are there administrator tools to facilitate data migration into NetSuite, from an external source? How is NetSuite set up to handle our accounting? Are there tools that help us extract business intelligence? Duplication is prohibited Page 5 Course Flow This course starts with the basics, foundational knowledge, and then moves through configuration and end-user tasks. You and your classmates share what is most important for you to get out of this class.

Your login credentials will be valid for approximately 30 days. Open your browser and type www. Enter the Email Address as provided by the instructor. Enter the Password as provided by the instructor. Please make note of this password, for use in the Roles and Permission module 4. Select the Remember my email address check box and then click the Log In button.

Set Up Security Questions: Please choose the following questions and use the answers as indicated in bold: What was your childhood nickname? Check any checkboxes, and click Continue, for any additional pages to get to the NetSuite Application. The NetSuite Essentials tab is the active tab. Duplication is prohibited Page 13 Objectives and Course Flow The course logistics, objectives and course flow have been presented. Please let the instructor know if you have any questions As a reminder: In the log in exercise you were given your login credentials.

Please make note of these credentials. You may write here or add a PDF sticky note. Duplication is prohibited Page 15 How NetSuite Fit Your Business About this Module In this module, we consider information needed for the NetSuite implementation and introduce additional functionality: How is NetSuite going to manage our business rules and processes?

Balances of subsidiaries are translated to the base currency of the consolidated report using Consolidated Exchange Rate Subsidiary Ownership: Subsidiaries may represent partially owned companies. Multiple Currencies The Standard NetSuite account supports local and foreign currencies for transactions with foreign companies. Duplication is prohibited Page 24 Subsidiary Structure The below example is organized as a tree with ONE root company and its associated roots. Cannot change after saving the subsidiary.

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